Danny McAdoo, an uneducated Irish immigrant, relocated from Freeland, Rhode Island to the relatively unknown town of Dwelle, Massachusetts. He didn't intend for this to occur but was forced to when an unfortunate depression hit his unprepared family and a million others after Black Tuesday struck the nation a crippling blow last year. His family became homeless almost immediately and at the worst possible time as Danny's father had been diagnosed with Polio and wasn't able to provide his family with food or shelter in his dreadful condition.

Determined to help his family, a seventeen year old Danny went out to look for a job and was greeted with nothing. He was lucky, however, when he was able to get a job as a chimney sweeper. This didn't last for long however, as Danny received word that his father had passed away. This devastated Danny and added to his stress and building anger, which was shown a couple weeks after when his employer showed extreme dissatisfaction after some sloppy work performed by McAdoo occurred. Danny's employer, a Jeremiah Harrison, was annoyed by Danny's constant mistakes and fired him. McAdoo, in a fit of rage, busted Jeremiah's nose resulting in an intense brawl that ended in McAdoo's arrest by responding policemen. McAdoo was charged with assault and forced to spend three months in a local prison. However, the term was shortened due to good behavior from McAdoo.

Nobody would hire Danny afterwards due to Jeremiah's status in the community as a respected businessman and trusted employer, which downgraded Danny to the ranks of a thug in the public's eyes there. So he joined a pair of travelers who were heading to Dwelle, Massachusetts in search of better jobs due to the low population and opportunity provided with the town's large docks and fast amount of openings available. After a week they arrived and Danny was hired to lift up crates and load them on boarding ships.

While this work proved a challenge to most, Danny was able to handle it and performed increasingly better than the rest of the workers. Soon the boss, Alexander T. Pearson, began favorably treating Danny and increased his pay while promoting him as overseer of the west dock. Jealously was common among McAdoo's coworkers, it was clear to many of them that he was treated with favoritism by Pearson. Scottish immigrant Calvin Wallace began investigating their relationship and discovered McAdoo had been hired by Pearson to intimidate the workers of the docks in order to accept their unfair conditions. Before Wallace could reveal this he was caught by McAdoo and murdered, his body was disposed of by McAdoo and Pearson afterwards in secrecy.

Wanderlust soon clouded McAdoo's mind and judgement as he planned out how he was going to overthrow Pearson as head of the docking company. McAdoo organized secret meetings with rebellious members of a workers union that were against Pearson's harsh treatment of his employees and were slowly using more and more violent measures of countering Pearson. So McAdoo instructed them to strike an upcoming delivery of needed supplies for a future deal with some English trade vessels. The union decided to send out three members as not to cause a colossal unrest to happen and get Pearson's attention. However, these men were inexperienced when it came to fighting and two were subdued by the deliveryman and the other was nearly killed if the deliveryman had not shown mercy at the time.

Pearson began to distrust McAdoo more and more and tension built up heavily during this period of time. Soon without warning the union marched on the docking facility and were met with counter resistance by Pearson's private forces that possessed rifles and shot into the crowd of protesters killing nine of them. The union than proceeded to charge into Pearson's security and brutally beat them with tire irons, crowbars, and other tools they held in possession resulting in two deaths and twelve serious injuries from Pearson's men.

The police arrived and arrested several protesters and McAdoo who was brought in due to the prejudice against his Irish heritage and his previous encounter with Jeremiah that spread all over New England. McAdoo was charged with conspiracy and was to attend court to receive a fair trial but was gunned down by an unknown man, possibly a union goon who didn't want McAdoo to spread their secrets. McAdoo was buried at Saint Andrews Cemetery, the burial itself was nearly deserted except for Pearson and a few fans from the union who were inspired by his actions.